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Patterns are solutions consisting of documentation, components and guidelines intended to be used to solve common, recurring problems.

This shared vocabulary is evolutionary and the basis of our design system, which exists to enable UI consistency, improve development efficiency and provide clear guidance for creating our products.

Illustration of Balance components composed together, creating small interfaces


General patterns that apply to design and development.


Guidelines to enable people with impairments and disabilities.

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Date & time

Date and time formats are used as timestamps on messages, dates within the calendar and to help the user understand when something happened.

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Effective filters are the quickest way to allow our users to narrow down and find content. Our filters must function consistently for the best user experience.

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Guidelines for inputting data and configuring options.

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Our app’s layout provides users with consistent structure and behavior, as well as access to frequently used tools.

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Navigation is the primary method of accessing different sections of our app. Refer to this pattern when creating, adjusting, or implementing navigation.

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Patterns that apply only to development.

  • Managing state
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